Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Man Of Steel trailer #3

The third and probably final Man of Steel trailer premiered tonight.  As an unabashed fan of the character, it's difficult not to be encouraged by the glimpses of the film so far.  It looks every bit as epic any superhero film to date. Leaving aside the special effects, the music, the casting, which all look fantastic, what heartens me most is that the film, based on what we've seen so far, seems to have a solid grasp on what Superman is all about.  And that must be the most important thing.

Like so many in my generation, my love of Superman was largely based on Richard Donner's 1978 film with Christopher Reeve.  The reason that film still stands atop the pantheon of superhero movie's for me is the film's faithfulness to the character and his mythology, while adding some of its own.  I've grown so tired in recent of years of all those people who think Superman is boring, a stooge, too powerful, too good, too square or whatever.  They can go back to playing with their Batman and Wolverine dolls.  Superman is a symbol for hope, compassion, selflessness, virtue, wholesomeness, decency, and the best of humanity.  And of course, truth, justice and the American way.  When Superman is done well, every other superhero, every other heroic character seems pale by comparison.

Of course, I have to remind myself that Zack Snyder is directing the film; a guy whose films, while visually stunning, have been less than dramatically compelling.  And while "getting" the character is the top priority, it's not enough.  Bryan Singer understood Superman, but he failed to bring the story out of the shadow of the Donner films, and opted for a slower paced, character driven film (I still liked it).  The only films that excited me as much or more than Superman Returns and this one, and whose release I anticipated more, were the Star Wars prequels.  But ever since George Lucas jammed his fist into my chest and ripped my heart out like Mola Ram, and threw it into a burning chasm of unfulfilled childhood dreams, I have been jaded and cynical about the possibility of a movie ever making me feel like I was 10 yrs old again.  Could Man Of Steel be the one?

Boy, I hope so.  But more importantly, I hope it makes kids today feel like I did when I first saw Superman on the big screen.


Anonymous said...

Okay, this trailer is making me actually interested in this. I'll say that I was totally disappointed in the last Superman movie by Bryan Singer. I thought it was a total let down.

This one, however, is starting to look good. I think one of the things they're going to have to get right to make this work, for me at least, is the character of Pa Kent. What is surprising me is that it looks like the writers, the director, and Costner are all on the same (correct) page with it.

This trailer does make me wonder one thing. If you can shoot Superman in the face and it doesn't leave a mark, what the hell does he use to shave his beard with? Gillette MACH X Kryptonite? If his hair is as tough as the rest of him, is there anything on Earth that can cut it?


Jake Shore said...

Well, I don't know how they cut his hair when he was a kid. Maybe they used a shard from his crashed space ship.

In the comics (I think John Byrne introduced this), Superman would burn off his whiskers by shooting his heat vision into a hand held mirror and reflecting it on his face.