Tuesday, May 21, 2013

General Zod means business

You've gotta hand it to Warner Brothers for their marketing of Man of Steel.  Since the release of the teaser trailer last July, they have engineered a slow, tantalizing build up, with each successive trailer and TV Ad revealing a little more of the feel and story of the film.  I suspect by the time Man of Steel hits theaters July 14, the anticipation will be at a fever pitch. And if the movie is good, I think it will absolutely blow away every other movie this year, and probably every other superhero movie, period.  It's a testament to the appeal and longevity of the character.  People, even those who don't follow the comics, love Superman and what he represents.

The teaser trailer was little more than a collection of images of Clark Kent growing up, with a fleeting sight of Superman streaking into the stratosphere.  The trailer released today...not so much.  Gone are the Terrence Malick-like visions of farms, small towns, butterflies and oceans.  Instead, we are assailed by action on a massive scale as General Zod and his fellow Kryptonian invaders lay siege to the planet in order to get their hands on Superman.  The whole thing just screams EPICness!  Of course, the downside to huge anticipation is huge expectations.  Man of Steel had best deliver.


Anonymous said...

Wow. That looks awesome.


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