Monday, February 07, 2005

Flock of Ducks!

Well, I hate put an end to everyone's fun, but its time to kill what has evolved into a sad, pathetic display by those with too much time on their hands. I thought for my second post, I would engage a topic that many of you are interested in -- the Oregon Ducks new recruiting class. Last Wednesday was signing day, where high school and junior college players ink their letters of intent to play for their university of choice. The Ducks landed a pretty solid class that fills immediate needs at linebacker and the offensive line. Most exciting however, is the signing of prep running back Jonathan Stewart from Bellvue, Wa. He is widely considered the top high school running back in the country. Just as a little perspective - two years ago, the top RB recruit was Reggie Bush (USC) and last year the top RB recruit was Adrian Peterson (Oklahoma). Both were Heisman Trophy finalists this season. Who knows?

I realize this blog may not interest anyone reading it. I admit, its a little selfish. I guess this is my swan song to college football, which I will not see for another 7 months. College basketball will last for a little longer, but soon there will be nothing but the NBA and major league baseball, both of which are completely unwatchable.

If you have any comment on the recruiting season or an opinion on the current state of professional and collegiate sports, I encourage you to share them.

Oh yeah... GO DUCKS!


Gunslinger said...

Wow Jake, way to really know and engage your audience. I am going to go post comment number 63 on your original posting.

everyday.wonder said...

You left it a little too open, there Jake.

If I can post anything I want related to professional sports, then I have to say that the best Superbowl commercial yesterday, hands down, was the don't-judge-too-quickly commercial with the cat and spaghetti sauce. If you haven't seen it, go find it on the net. It was so funny I missed two other commercials attempting to recover myself.

ted said...

I liked that MC Hammer got goofed on twice in two different commercials for two different products.

Biggest commercial letdown - the War of the Worlds commercial just showing me a bridge blowing up.

Tim Lewis said...

What the flock? A second post?

Gunslinger said...

Flock of Seagulls?

Anonymous said...

Ok, before I make some random entry onto your blog, I have to agree with Jake about this year UO recruiting class. The landing of Jonathon Stewart from WA was, in my mind, possibly the biggest catch in all of college football. My only concern: can he develop into the Bush/Peterson type star in a UO system that doesn't get national attention like USC and Oklahoma?

Oh, and best Superbowl Commercial: the Americquest robot who destroys everything, including the car sitting in the drive way.

rebecca marie said...

YAY!!! Another Duck fan! I'm aaalll the excited! No more excited left over for anyone else! I bet you woulda been able to guess my song! Right on, man, right on!