Friday, February 09, 2007

Star Trek Remastered

I'm a big Star Trek fan. I got hooked on the original series in 6th grade. I eventually came to really like the Next Generation too. I even liked Deep Space Nine. I thought Voyager was lame, and I never bothered to watch Enterprise. The movies were great up until number five when they assumed that because Leonard Nimoy was a good director, Shatner must be also.

I even went to a few Star Trek conventions. When we weren't playing Contra for hours or creating new and exciting D&D characters, a friend and I used to spend a good portion of our time playing Star Fleet Battles or Starship Tactical Combat Simulator, while thumbing through the Federation Ship Recognition Manual.

Yes, we were crown-princes of geekdom, but we didn't care. Nowadays, the time spent in such lofty pursuits is limited, so it's a relief to flip through the channels and land on an episode of Star Trek. I love the original series and simply can't turn away when it's on TV. A few months ago, I was surfing through the channels and landed on the episode where Kirk and the crew run into Khan. While watching, I was suddenly blown away by something. When they showed the Enterprise cruising through space, it was tricked out with slick new special effects! It looked awesome!

A little while later, I did some research and discovered the entire original series is being digitally remastered with new sound, music, and special effects. Having seen an episode or two,  these new enhancements give a whole new life to the series.  And unlike the special editions of the Star Wars movies, they don't add whole new scenes or anything else that takes away from the spirit of the show.  Can't wait to get them on dvd, so I can watch Captain Kirk take advantage the weaker sex, beat up aliens, and break the prime directive anytime I want.

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everyday.wonder said...

Yep, seeing the Botany Bay in all its glory sidling along next to a sleek Enterprise was pretty sweet. The new graphics add a ton and really bring the show back into its own. Funny how shows like this hold up after all this time. Unlike, say, Knight Rider...