Friday, November 28, 2008

My faith in humanity has just taken a serious blow

I know there are greater evils around the world that deserve my attention, but this is just sick.

Way to go shoppers. Score one for greed and callousness. I really hope all those savings are worth the descent into savagery that occurs every year on this day. Seriously, am I the only one who thinks there is something wrong with Black Friday?


James Wood said...

I'm not a big fan of the Black Friday (BF) for many reasons:
1. Why can't businesses just be good enough to run in the black the rest of the year?
2. Why is it necessary to only offer deals on BF?
3. Why is it the "deals" are usually on crap that has been marked up 1200% anyway, so a 600% discount isn't really that great.

That and Wal-Mart smells; that's not just an immature slam (though it is that too), every Wal-Mart I have ever entered has had a particular aroma . . . a subtle blend of poverty, greed, overtime, and cheap-foreign-made-crap.

I feel bad for the dude, not that he died at Wal-Mart, but that his life had put him in a situation where he not only worked at Wal-Mart, but he had to work crowd control on BF at Wal-Mart.

Tim Lewis said...

We went to 2 places Friday morning to buy 1/2 price socks and pillows and 1/2 price frames (with an additional 25% coupon). We went in through side doors at Fred Meyer and there were 20 shoppers in line at Michael's. At both places we waited in the car until the line went down, which was about 30 seconds at both places. We were home by 6:30 with more time than we needed to get Kori to work.

As someone who has worked at Best Buy on BF I can attest that the whole thing is ridiculous. The stuff that they actually have good deals on are usually the items that they have 5 in stock.

Anonymous said...

So the shoppers didn't want to leave so the murder scene could be secured because some of them had waited all night. God rest in peace you merry gentlemen.

I think that we can lay the death of this man squarely at the feet of George W. Bush. If he were a better president then the economy would be in better shape and people wouldn't need to chase so hard after all those prices which have been rolled back, ergo this man would be alive today. Who's with me on this one? And the metal frame around the door wouldn't be damaged either. Hopefully Barack will put an end to this kind of problem.

Am I the only one who is having trouble picturing a Wal-Mart in Manhattan? I guess I should work on having more exposure to New York than the inside of Jerry Seinfeld's apartment. And that coffee shop where Chandler, Joey, Ross, Rachel, Comet, Cupid, Donner, Monica and Phoebe hang out.

Anyway, I'm no police officer and I also do my best to avoid anything on TV like Law and Order or any of the CSI derivatives, but how do they determine from the tape which trampling foot did the man in? Do they just look for the fattest person who shoved their way through?

I have to wonder how many lives I've saved by doing all my shopping between December 20th and 24th.

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, that was me up above this one. I just forgot to sign my name since I still can't remember my blogger profile and am too lazy to get another one.

"Uncle Owen, this blogger has a bad motivator."