Saturday, July 21, 2012

"Man of Steel" teaser trailer

Looks ...intriguing.  Not what one would expect from a Superman trailer.  It definitely implies a more serious, perhaps sober take on the mythos.  I can't say I have anything to complain about other than I wish they showed a little bit more.  The Russell Crowe (Jor-El) voice-over is effective.  Another version playing in theaters has a Kevin Costner (Jonathan Kent) voice-over.  I like that, much like the original 1978 film and Superman Returns, fatherhood is a prominent theme.  

I sure hope they pull this off.  If this bombs, there probably won't be another Superman movie for at least twenty years (or any other DC movie).  It would be a shame for a generation of kids to lose out on what Superman meant for a lot of kids like me growing up.  I liked Dirty Harry, Batman, and Arnold as much as the next kid, but their appeal was largely the catharsis of getting even, punishing bad guy and making him pay. Superman was always about doing what's right no matter what.  He's about justice, mercy, self-sacrifice, faithfulness, responsibility and hope. In other words, Superman is an ideal.  He is us at our best; what we all aspire to be.  As my friend Ted says, "Superman could curb stomp the planet Earth if he wanted and make us all his slaves," but instead he chooses to serve the planet.  And I think that goes a lot further than emptying a clip into a crook's chest or plunging your Adamantium claws through some poor Skrull.


Jason Campbell said...

If that's actually the theme, it might actually not suck. Can Snyder actually pull something like this off?

Anonymous said...

Oooooh, at 0:56 do we get a peak at a certain Kryptonian canine? Superdog being included would be awesome.

I totally agree that if this movie doesn't produce results on the level of Dark Knight/Iron Man then the DC film franchise will be shut down for at least a decade.

Here's hoping that for a villain they pick a certain fraggin' Czarnian bastich who happens to be probably my favorite DC character.