Saturday, August 18, 2012

Here we go

In the interest of full disclosure, I haven't read the cover story yet. It's not available without a subscription, but it's a good conversation starter.  The article, entitled "A Rich Man's Game," by Mark Scherer looks to be a typical "there's too much money in politics" rant that only appears when Republicans are winning.

So why is Time magazine so concerned about money in politics now?  I don't remember the media being concerned back in 2008 when Barack Obama raised more money than any other Presidential campaign in history, outspending John McCain nearly three to one.  I don't remember Liberals crying about corporations taking over our politics when two-thirds of Wall Street donations when to Barack Obama.  Why all the fuss now?  Could it be because Mitt Romney has out-raised President Obama over the last three months and is even in the polls?  Nah.

As far as it being a "rich man's game," I would ask, when has it not been?  How many poor or middle class Presidents have we had?  George Washington was arguably the richest man in the colonies.  Abraham Lincoln was one of the most successful railroad lawyers in the country.  Franklin Roosevelt?  John F. Kennedy?  George W. Bush?  All from wealthy, privileged backgrounds.  And wouldn't limiting the amount of money that a campaign could raise from individuals or businesses only guarantee that only rich people who could afford it would run for office?

The hysteria over the Citizens United decision will last only as long as Republicans raise more money.  Trust me, the moment corporations give more money to Democrats (as in 2008), all this weeping and gnashing of teeth will cease.

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