Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Hope and Change: A Retrospective, part 5 of 5

What to you get when you combine George Washington, Denzel Washington, Jesus, Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King, and Neil Armstrong?  Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher know the answer.

By the way, I'm glad it took Barack Obama for them to consider being patriotic Americans, good citizens and neighbors; to care about the planet and their fellow man. None of that was possible under George W. Bush.

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Anonymous said...

I pledge to wonder how in the hell we can have both childhood hunger and childhood obesity.

I pledge to occasionally get on the throttle when I'm driving because for God's sake, this is American and we can travel around freely and doing it while the engine roars is a high that wimps will never understand.

I pledge to work to end government hand-outs that make slaves of too many Americans with their consent.

I pledge to not serve the President, because for crap's sake, he serves me.

I pledge to not listen to self-important asshole millionaire celebrities, no matter now attractive they are.

I pledge to remember when I see something like this that actors are paid to say things that other people write for money.

I pledge to wonder why the first twenty seconds of this video look like an ad from either Robocop or Starship Troopers.

I pledge to object to the US freeing the Blind Sheik and sending him to Egypt.

I pledge to remember that being a celebrity means that you are smart almost as often as it means that you are someone who I find morally upright and wise.

I pledge to remember that being able to sell music does not make you any sort of an authority on what it takes to make someone qualified to be the commander in cheif of the armed forces of America.