Saturday, February 23, 2013

Our Unserious President

This guy is entering Bill Clinton territory.  The political calculation and utter dishonesty of President Obama is galling.  What makes him worse than any other Washington politician?  Because he was elected on the promise that he wouldn't be that guy.  The House has passed two bills to replace the sequester.  Senate Democrats have introduced a plan.  Where's the President?  Apparently he believes the Presidential campaign is still going on as he travels across the country demonizing Republicans as bad guys who only care about the rich, and refuse to let him help the American people. The President apparently doesn't remember or care he is in a divided government and seems to think his sweeping 51% victory in November (in which he received 4 million fewer popular votes and 33 fewer electoral votes than in 2008) makes him a de facto monarch and that Republicans should submit to his every decree (nevermind they were also reelected by the American people).

The President's behavior is atrocious.  First of all, to blame Republicans for the sequester when it was his idea (here and here) is scurrilous.  Second, how does he expect to solve the problem when he dictates terms to, refuses to negotiate with, and slanders the very people he must work with in order to avoid the sequester?  Finally, the President's disgusting habit of using human props, in this case "first responders" who are funded almost entirely by state and local taxes, to manipulate public opinion and hammer Republicans for cuts that were his idea which he signed into law, really is despicable.  Senator Rand Paul among others has suggested dozens of easy, painless ways to cut spending and avoid the sequester, but the President isn't interested.  He insists the only solution is to raise taxes again because we've already cut so much. Really?  Four straight $trillion deficits and huge annual spending increases.  During his state of the union address, President Obama proposed some twenty new government programs but insisted they wouldn't "add a dime to the deficit."  It's just absurd, and it demonstrates why I believe he will go down in history as a failed President.  He had a chance to deal with the issue of our time (spending and debt) and chose more big government.

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