Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Comedy That Heals (maybe?)

I caught this Saturday Night Live skit over the weekend and I must say, I found it cathartic.  In an election season where the polarization and rhetoric are toxic, SNL manages to remind us in that we all have much more in common than what we are led to believe on TV or social media (while making us laugh).  I was pleasantly surprised Monday to discover the skit has been making the rounds on the internet with an overwhelmingly positive reception.  The way I see it, the only way you can be offended by this skit is if you are looking to be offended.

Increasingly, it seems we categorize ourselves and one another, and with those categories come simple assumptions about what the other group thinks, behaves and even whether they are all good or bad.  In my life, I find people are much more complicated.  And looking a certain way or thinking a certain way doesn't entirely define an individual or a group, much less determine a minimum threshold for basic decency and respect.

Anyway, it's not much.  But right now with our politics and culture so broken and divided, I'll take it.

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