Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Top 5 Cartoon Intros

I had intended to include some of these in my first list, but it got so big I decided to make a separate list for cartoons. There were a lot to choose from and I surely left some out, but these I thought had the best intros based on pretty much the same criteria as the TV shows.

5. Scooby-Doo
I think I saw more episodes of this than any other cartoon. And for some strange reason, I never got tired of it (that is until they added scrappy-doo). Who was your favorite guest stars? Don Knotts? Sonny and Cher? Batman and Robin? The Harlem Globetrotters? I can't think of any cartoon that had real people as guests on the show (or lasted so long with the same plot for every episode). Great 70s theme music too.

4. Thundarr the Barbarian
Are there enough Star Wars rip-offs in this one? Toss in Conan for good measure and you've got a great formula for Saturday morning. Probably my first memory of must-see TV.

3. G.I. Joe
What's not to love. Action packed. Great theme. Patriotic. Scarlett and Lady J, and don't forget the Baroness. One of the all time great cartoons. By the way, if I lived in the G.I. Joe universe, I would invest heavily in companies that manufacture parachutes.

2. Samurai Jack
"Long ago in a distant land..." Perhaps the best cartoon ever, the Samurai Jack intro starts with his origin narrated by his nemesis, Aku (voiced by Mako, the wizard from Conan the Barbarian). It then transitions into a cool theme song stylishly intermixed with scenes from the cartoon.

1. Challenge of the Superfriends
This was simply my favorite cartoon as a kid, due in no small part to its awesome intro. It was the most epic, pump you up, starting to any show ever. The theme could have been used in recruiting advertisements. The show made you feel like you had a duty to watch and support the Superfriends' heroic struggle against the Legion of Doom (Even with the politically correct additions of Black Lightning, Apache Chief and Samurai).

And while we're at it, remember these?
Dungeons and Dragons




everyday.wonder said...

Yup, definitely something special about "localized" media that you couldn't buy all the seasons at Walmart and watch at your leisure (let alone Tivo the whole season and watch it before bed on Tuesdays...)

Saturday morning cartoons are one of the few phenomena that got me out of bed. Ever.

I was just surprised you didn't include the Snorks, the Care Bears, or Rainbow Brite...

ted said...

It seems like Saturday Morning Cartoons has gone by the wayside. Cartoons are no longer a special event as there now are any number of channels which play them all the time. I was talking with my sister-in-law a few weeks ago and the subject of Christmas specials came up. She lamented the fact that since you can just go buy a DVD of Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, it's no longer a big deal when it comes on TV.

At my house Saturday Morning Cartoons were an event. I would get up earlier on Saturday mornings than on weekdays for school. I certainly had my favorites, some of which wound up on this list. I knew that I was in for thirty minutes of marginally well-animated joy when I heard carnival music que up and someone say, "Look the Dungeons and Dragons ride."

I, in my infinite wisdom, used some Christmas money and bought the Dungeons & Dragons complete series DVD set. I'll tell you this thing is the coolest DVD set I've got by a long shot. This sucker kicks the Geek 2000 Nostalgia Machine into overdrive. It comes with a booklet statting out the characters, both good and bad, for 3.5 rules. Every episode, some with commentary, is included. And most of all, the script for the fabled final lost episode, previously something only rumored to exist amongst uber-geek sages at conventions and in their parent's basements, is read like an old radio serial. The kids get back home and find out something about Venger that will shake the very foundations of everything they hold dear. Well worth the $36 I had to give to Best Buy. And yes, Uni is as stupid as ever.

Here's an idea for your next post, Jake: Stupid cartoon characters which ruined an otherwise kick-ass cartoon. Let me start you off with some ideas:
Uni from Dungeons & Dragons
T-Bob from Mask
Orko from Masters of the Universe
Snarf from Thunder Cats
Godzookie from Godzilla
Zan, Jana, and Gleek from Super Friends
Scrappy-Doo as you mentioned
Captain Caveman's nephew.

Only one cartoon that I could think of that you missed was Spider-Man And His Amazing Friends.